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Speeding spikes as traffic loosens

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Commuters know how jammed the roads can be during rush hour in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area. Given recent events, fewer drivers are traveling to work and other destinations. It’s easy to assume that it could be the perfect time for a drive around the city.

Despite the lack of traffic, however, it might not be any safer to drive on the freeways or even in neighborhood streets. The amount of dangerous speeding has increased in the past month. Some drivers are using the lighter traffic to reach speeds previously unattainable – but still illegal.

Crashes at high speeds can cause severe damage

At higher speeds, drivers need more time to react to obstacles ahead of them. Speed limits usually account for probable obstacles, such as pedestrian crossings. Unfortunately, drivers may choose to break the rules when they assume that their path will be clear.

In a car or truck accident, a few additional miles per hour could mean more severe injuries. Higher speeds mean that the force of an impact is stronger. Spinal injuries, head injuries and fatality may be more likely when vehicles are traveling above the speed limit.

Drivers are liable for recklessness and speeding

Speeding is one form of negligence – whether the driver realized how fast they were going or otherwise. If a driver’s excessive speed contributes to a crash, the other driver or pedestrian can hold them accountable for injuries and damages.

Drivers must follow traffic laws no matter how many vehicles are around them. Following the speed limits is an easy way to keep yourself and others safe.