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Large breeds can inflict dangerous dog bites

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Dog Bites |

Owners of large dogs should know they have a special responsibility to keep their animals under control. While a large dog may have no history of aggression, all animals can be unpredictable and, in a moment of fear or panic, may cause tremendous damage with a single bite. Owners of smaller dogs in California may be justified in feeling nervous when they are walking their pets near large dogs. As two women in other states recently learned, when owners do not contain their pets, others may suffer from severe dog bites.

One woman was walking her dog on a quiet, residential road when she passed two Great Danes. The dogs began barking at her as she passed, then they lunged at her. One dog, weighing more than 50 pounds, bit her arm, and the other leaped at her face and bit her on the ear. The animals then turned their attention to the woman’s dog, which they mauled to death.

In the second incident in another state, a woman was walking her dog when a pit bull broke free from its owner and ran after them. The woman managed to scoop up her dog, but before she could get away, the bigger dog took hold of her hand and then bit a significant chunk from the woman’s arm. When the woman screamed, the dog released its hold. The owner retrieved the pit bull and ran from the scene.

Both women required treatment at local hospitals and suffered pain and anxiety in the aftermath of the unprovoked attacks. California has rigid laws regarding owner liability for dog bites, and victims of such attacks have every right to consider seeking compensation for their injuries and other damages. An experienced attorney can be helpful in preparing a case for pursuing justice in the civil courts.