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Children may require significant medical care after crash

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When a car accident involves children, the emotional cost may be substantially higher. A child with significant injuries may have a long lifetime of struggle, pain and medical costs, especially if the injuries result in disabilities. While California parents may do everything possible to keep their children safe in a vehicle, the actions of other drivers can jeopardize the welfare of entire families.

Recently, an accident resulted in critical injuries for at least two children traveling in an SUV. The accident happened on a Tuesday afternoon as the SUV, which carried one adult and five children, entered an intersection and was apparently struck by a smaller vehicle. The impact drove the SUV into the side of a box truck that was parked at the side of the road. The SUV tipped onto its side and was crushed against the truck.

Rescuers worked to release the woman and her children from the wreckage. Two of the children suffered critical injuries, and the driver and the other children suffered less serious injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was also treated at the hospital. Investigators have not released the cause of the accident but say that neither driver appears to have applied the brakes, indicating they did not see each other before the collision.

When such accidents occur, investigators may try to determine whether speed, intoxication or distraction were contributing factors. This information will likely be important if an accident victim decides to pursue compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and emotional distress following an accident, which can be significant when children are among the victims. A skilled California attorney can be an invaluable resource under these circumstances.