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Dealing with a claim denial after an accident

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A motor vehicle accident can quickly change the trajectory of someone’s life, especially if it results in serious, debilitating injuries. Medical bills, prescriptions and ongoing care can overwhelm a California family, particularly when combined with the victim’s inability to work. Many count on insurance companies to provide payment on a policy claim, but when they get a claim denial instead, what happens next?

It is in the best interests of an insurance company to act in good faith when it comes to accident claims. This means handling a claim in a timely manner and offering a fair settlement based on the policy coverage. As long as the policyholder is current with payments and the claim is within the scope of the policy, an accident victim may expect to receive payment from the insurer. However, an insurer may have valid reasons for denying a claim.

If a victim fails to report the accident to the insurer right away or does not seek medical attention, he or she may have a difficult time obtaining a payout. A policy holder who has not met the deductible or who has already maxed out the policy limit will likely meet with a denied claim. Additionally, if the insurance company believes the policyholder was breaking the law, such as driving under the influence or on an expired license, it may deny a claim.

It is possible to successfully dispute a claim denial. However, California accident victims who are struggling with their own recovery may not have the time or energy for such a complicated undertaking. Instead, many who are facing unfair claim denials turn for help to an attorney who has experience dealing with the tactics of insurance companies.