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5 tricks insurers use to minimize or deny a claim

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2021 | Dealing with Insurance Companies |

The days and weeks following a motor vehicle crash can be challenging, especially for those who are hurtCalifornia accident victims who have suffered injuries are often distracted by their pain and suffering, emotional over their loss, and worried about the cost of treatment and ongoing care. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous insurance companies will take advantage of this vulnerability to reduce the amount of money they end up paying for a claim. 

Accident victims who are dealing with insurance companies should be aware of some of the tricks those companies may use. After all, they are businesses trying to make a profit, and one way to do this is to minimize the value of a claim. Some common tactics include the following: 

  • Showing sympathy and kindness so accident victims will lower their guard and share information that may damage their claim 
  • Convincing those struggling with injuries that accepting a quick settlement is in their best interests 
  • Persuading accident victims that a lowball offer is sufficient for their needs 
  • Tricking victims into signing vague or contradictory statements so they can use the information to deny the claim 
  • Misusing even innocent comments in supposedly friendly conversations as reasons for reducing or denying the payout 

Insurance companies train their employees well, and it is easy for injured accident victims, even those who are usually savvy, to fall into their traps. This way, they protect their bottom line at the expense of those who are injured, sometimes through no fault of their own. The result may be that someone suffering injuries does not receive the fair amount they need and deserve to make a full recovery.