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Promoting motorcycle safety by understanding accident causes

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The feel of the breeze passing by is just one of the many reasons for which riding along California roads on a motorcycle can be an exciting and freeing experience. While, as an avid biker, you may relish in the thrill of such emotions during your ride, the topic of safety may remain a constant concern.

Since there may be few types of collisions as dangerous as those involving motorcycles, taking steps to reduce your odds of being involved in such an incident could prove imperative. Knowing some of the most prevalent scenarios in which such accidents occur might be essential to achieving such a goal.

Dangerous scenarios

Understanding some of the most common hazards you might encounter as an avid biker could help you prepare to handle a variety of scenarios. Some examples of these hazards could include the following:

  • Sudden turns: One common type of motorcycle accident involves a scenario in which a driver attempts to make a left turn without spotting a rider and thus crosses into a bike’s path, leaving the rider with little to no time to respond.
  • Lane control: Unexpected lane changes by nearby vehicles also pose a significant threat to riders, as it might not always be possible to safely move out of the path of a motor vehicle in these scenarios.
  • Traffic lights: When traffic patterns prompt a need to slow down or stop, bikers may also find it vital to be aware of the risks of a rear-end collision, as even at slow speeds such incidents could prove dangerous or even fatal for bikers.
  • Parked cars: Parked cars can also act as safety hazards for motorcyclists and watching out for the sudden opening of a car door could prove essential to staying safe during your ride.

While taking precautions such as maintaining constant awareness of your surroundings and allowing sufficient spacing could help reduces the odds of a crash, there is only so much you can do to stay safe on your journeys.

Safety at risk

It may come as no surprise that motorcycle-related collisions can have devastating results. Should the actions of another driver cause such an incident to occur, there is a chance you might suffer severe or even permanent injuries in the process. With the presence of extensive medical expenses and the likelihood that you could face a long road to recovery, understanding all your available options could be integral to helping you prepare to approach the coming process with peace of mind.