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What are some common examples of reckless driving behaviors?

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate, and even the thought of suffering harm in a crash can be a harrowing concept. While you could be able to reduce the risks of the unthinkable with defensive driving, on some level, your safety and well-being may rest in the hands of nearby drivers. 

As you navigate to and from your destinations, you may share California roads with countless others, and their decisions may affect you in various ways. Should you cross paths with drivers who exhibit reckless behaviors, it might not always be possible to react to the situation at hand and steer to safety. 

The types 

Studies indicate that reckless driving behaviors can come in various forms and such negligence continues to play a role in far too many collisions. Some common types of reckless behaviors might include: 

  • Dangerous maneuvers: Constantly shifting in and out of lanes of traffic and attempting to pass around a curve on a two-lane road are two examples of reckless driving maneuvers. 
  • Tailgating: Practicing proper spacing is vital to ensuring you have time to react to the situations at hand. Those who fail to take such measures may run a greater risk of creating a hazardous scenario. 
  • Excessive speeding: Speeding continues to prove a contributing factor in many collisions, as such issues can take a significant toll on your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. 
  • Failure to yield: Intersections continue to be a hotspot for collisions. Those who fail to yield at traffic lights and signs may leave other drivers nearby with little time to react and avoid danger. 
  • Distraction/Impairment: Distracted and impaired driving may also constitute as reckless behaviors. Those who exhibit such negligence could place your health in jeopardy in the process. 

Aggressive behaviors, such as racing and road rage, may also act to create a dangerous atmosphere, and it might not always be easy to spot such hazards in time to respond and reach save haven. 

The outcome 

The presence of reckless driving behaviors may only act to increase the risks of collisions. Should you encounter such issues, you could be the one left suffering the repercussions. The fallout of the crash might leave you with severe injuries, prompt dire financial hardships, and lead to a lengthy recovery process. Experiencing similar trials due to the decisions of another can be a difficult thing to accept. The outcome thereof may leave you with questions about your options and the steps to take to safeguard your interests.