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5 signs that dog bites might be imminent

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Dog Bites |

California dog owners must comply with leash laws and do what they can to protect others from their dogs when visiting or out in public, such as at a local park. Some breeds of dogs are naturally more aggressive than others. However, most dogs will exhibit certain behaviors just before dog bites occur.

Learning to recognize signs that an attack is about to happen may help avoid a trip to the emergency room. If a dog bites someone, the court can hold the owner financially responsible for monetary damages. A recovering victim who wishes to seek compensation would file a personal injury claim in a civil court against the liable party.

Be wary when a dog exhibits these behaviors

Many dogs growl but growling does not necessarily mean that an attack is imminent. If a growl is accompanied by one or more of the behaviors included in the following list, it may be a sign that a dog is about to bite:

  • Fang teeth showing while a dog is growling
  • The body of the dog appears stiffened
  • Ears are flattening and pointing backward
  • The dog is staring at a person out of the corner of its eyes
  • The tail is pointing straight out, in line with the torso

Each of these dog behaviors suggests that an attack is about to occur. No person should ever approach a dog that is exhibiting these behaviors.

Some signs that dog bites may occur are more subtle

 Sometimes, something seemingly harmless like yawning may be a sign that a dog is going to bite. Even a dog that has been trained well may suddenly feel defensive or protective and attack someone. If injuries have occurred because of dog bites, the injured party may request a legal consultation to discuss the options for legal recourse.