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Workers trapped in California construction site accident

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Construction Site Injury |

A group of California construction workers found themselves in dire need of rescue on a recent Wednesday in Glendale. They had been working on the rooftop of a tall building, installing metal trusses when disaster struck. The construction site accident occurred when the metal framework collapsed, trapping six individuals underneath.

The rescue process lasted several hours. Thankfully, although five of the six workers were transported to a hospital with injuries, they were all listed in stable condition. The sixth worker reportedly declined medical attention.

Construction site accidents often lead to third-party legal claims

Even injuries that aren’t life-threatening can necessitate time off work for a worker who has been involved in a construction site accident. For many, this causes a loss of wages that results in a serious financial crisis, especially if the worker is the primary income earner in his or her household. When another party’s negligence was a causal factor in a workplace accident that resulted in injury, a worker may be entitled to pursue a third-party claim for monetary damages.

Listing defendants in a third-party claim

Numerous individuals or groups may be financially responsible following a California construction site accident. In the past, lawsuits have been filed against motorists for driver negligence, as well as equipment manufacturers, property owners and others whose reckless behavior or negligence resulted in injuries to workers. Because personal injury litigation is complex, and proceedings can be stressful, it is always best to seek legal support before heading to court. An attorney experienced in third-party claims can help a client pursue legal recourse.