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These 2 issues cause many construction site injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Construction Site Injury |

Many California workers encounter hazards on the job. This is especially true for those who work outdoors. In the construction industry, workers usually understand that they’re at risk for injuries. Here are some hazards that often result in construction site injuries.  

Falling objects, as well as slips and falls, cause a great number of construction injuries in California and throughout the country. Learning more about such topics, as well as reviewing available safety information can help workers stay safe. It is also important to know how to navigate the system if an on-the-job injury occurs.  

Most construction fatalities occur from slips, trips and falls 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published data in recent years stating that nearly 38% of all construction industry fatalities occur in connection with workers falling (often from great heights), slipping or tripping on a job site. Many workers also suffer severe, sometimes life-threatening injuries after being hit by falling objects or thrown into a hard object or trapped between objects, such as heavy machinery or a loading dock.  

Many California construction site injuries are preventable and occur because of a defect in equipment or personal negligence from a third party. A worker who suffers injury in such circumstances may seek restitution for damages by filing a third-party legal claim in a civil court. Anyone considering filing such a claim will likely benefit by seeking guidance and support from an experienced personal injury attorney.