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Pasadena Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

California motorcycle accident statistics show that motorcycle crashes typically account for a disproportionately high number of catastrophic traffic injuries. With little protection for the drivers, motorcycle accidents often result in traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis and even wrongful death.

Tragically, the vast majority of motorcycle accident victims have little time to avoid serious and even fatal accidents. For nearly 25 years, the McNally Law Office has represented victims and families affected by someone else’s negligent actions. We are committed to holding at-fault parties accountable for their negligent actions. Contact our Pasadena law firm today to schedule a consultation.

A Pasadena Motorcycle Crash Attorney Determining Fault In Complex Injury Cases

The personal injury lawyers at our firm understand the unique aspects of motorcycle accident cases, including:

  • California vehicle laws pertaining to motorcyclists
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Roadway design as it relates to motorcyclists
  • Motorcycle design and manufacturing issues

In most motorcycle-motor vehicle accidents, a negligent or inattentive automobile driver is at fault. Some of the common types of collisions include:

  • A driver turning directly in front of a motorcyclist
  • A driver entering the street from a driveway or parking spot and pulling out into traffic in front of the motorcyclist
  • A driver’s failure to yield at an intersection, or running a stop sign or red light
  • A driver’s inattention while driving past a motorcyclist
  • A driver’s failure to look both ways when resuming travel after stopping at a stop sign
  • A driver impaired by drugs or alcohol

Driven To Succeed For Clients In Pasadena And Throughout Los Angeles

We devote substantial time investigating the cause of catastrophic and fatal motorcycle accidents. When appropriate, we consult accident scene reconstructionists and evaluate police reports to understand the series of events just before the accident occurred.

Our firm’s detailed approach helps us prove fault and hold at-fault parties accountable. We are committed to securing maximum compensation to cover medical bills associated with burn injuries, road rash, spinal cord injuries and any other catastrophic injuries, as well as lost wages stemming from the accident.

Contact Our California Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Today

At the McNally Law Office, we help insurance companies, courts and juries understand that motorcyclists have the same rights on the road as cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. If you have been injured in a motorcycle or bike accident in California, please contact our Pasadena office today.