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Construction accidents may have questionable causes

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2020 | Construction Site Injury |

For those who work construction in California, it can be satisfying to watch a project nearing completion. Each phase of the job carries its unique risks, but many construction workers enjoy being part of something important for the property owners, whether it is constructing a new home, erecting a high-rise or building an addition to a small business. Unfortunately, construction accidents can quickly put an end to those feelings of satisfaction.

One accident in another state illustrates how suddenly a typical day can turn tragic. Early in the afternoon, emergency responders answered a call for a roof collapse at a construction site. Crews had been working at a local business constructing an addition to be used for storage. One man was on the roof setting trusses, and two others were working in the structure below.

It may have been a gust of wind that toppled the trusses, causing the worker to fall 40 feet to the ground, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is still investigating. Reports describe the worker’s condition as critical with internal injuries, and responders transported him to the hospital by helicopter. The other workers, suffered less serious injuries from the collapsed roof.

When it comes to construction accidents, is it not always easy to determine the cause. In most cases, accidents are preventable, and often injuries are the result of lax safety procedure, the negligence of other contractors or other avoidable mistakes. California workers may qualify for financial compensation beyond workers’ compensation, and a skilled attorney can provide the guidance for seeking that assistance.