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Talking to your teen about the importance of defensive driving

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many teenagers may look forward to the day they can obtain their driver’s licenses and head out on California roads all on their own. However, as a parent, you might experience a mix of emotions when this day comes, and it may only be natural to worry about how your teen will handle this newfound responsibility. 

No parent wants to find out that their child has been involved in a collision, and you may have questions about what you can do to reduce the risk of such a scenario. Talking to your teen about the importance of defensive driving could prove essential to helping him or her develop healthier driving habits. 

Defensive driving strategies 

Practicing defensive driving could help reduce the risk of being involved in a collision, and some examples of things to cover when discussing this topic with your teen could include: 

  • The topic of speed: Talking to your child about speeding may be imperative, as the average teenager might not fully grasp how similar issues can affect their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. 
  • Adequate spacing: Teen drivers may also struggle to understand the importance of practicing adequate spacing. Helping your teen become familiar with stopping distances can be vital. 
  • Constant awareness: Discussing why it is essential to maintain constant awareness of your surroundings while driving may also help your teen better prepare to handle a variety of driving scenarios. 
  • Avoiding distractions: Since maintaining constant focus is an integral aspect of safe driving, talking to your child about the dangers of distracted driving and providing examples of common causes of distractions may also prove imperative.  

Discussing topics like the dangers of engaging in reckless behaviors, such as swerving in and out of traffic lanes, could also be vital to helping your teen prepare to safely navigate to and from destinations. 

Encountering a negligent driver 

While defensive driving strategies could help reduce the risk of being involved in a collision, preventing all incidents entirely may be nearly impossible. Should your teen cross paths with a negligent driver, there might be nothing he or she can do to steer out of harm’s way, and an ensuing crash could cause your child to suffer severe injuries. The outcome of such an incident could prove difficult to accept and may leave you in search of advice on your available legal avenues.