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When You Are Injured In A Car Accident, We Are Here To Help

Last updated on June 14, 2024

All drivers have a duty to drive safely and look out for other vehicles and pedestrians, but too many motorists multitask while driving. In Los Angeles and surrounding areas, drivers are known to ignore the state’s hand-held wireless device ban, texting or talking on their cellphones while driving. Unfortunately, such careless acts of distracted driving are a leading cause of car accidents that cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

If you or your loved one was recently injured in a car accident, seek experienced legal help immediately. At McNally Law Office, we are committed to pursuing justice and holding at-fault parties accountable. For over 25 years, attorney Frank R. McNally has handled personal injury claims throughout Southern California from our office in Pasadena.

What To Do After An Accident

It can be extremely scary and overwhelming to be in a car accident. This is why it is important to be informed before you are in an accident and know what steps to take after an accident. We recommend that you:

  1. Call law enforcement or an ambulance. If you or another party are injured, it is essential to call 911 to not only report the accident but also to get emergency medical services to the scene as fast as possible. Once the police arrive, they can state statements from both drivers and any witnesses.
  2. Take photos of the scene and the cars. Now that most people have cellphones that take pictures, it is easier than ever to document the scene of the accident: where the cars ended up, the damage to your vehicle and other important aspects of the scene.
    • If you are too injured to take photos, you can have someone else do it for you. The most important thing is ensuring you get the medical attention that you need.
  3. Gather other information. While the police will be taking down information and interviewing witnesses, it is in your best interests for you to do so as well. That way, the information will be in your possession, and you will not have to rely on the police report. Also, your information may contradict the police report, which may be important for your future personal injury claim.
  4. Seek medical attention. Even if you do not feel as though you were injured, it is a good idea to be thoroughly evaluated by your primary physician. They can then determine and document any injuries you have suffered and recommend the proper course of treatment.
  5. Call a lawyer. Talking to an attorney before you reach out to the insurance company is essential to ensuring you are protected. The insurance company, whether yours or the other driver’s insurer, is not looking out for you. When you work with our firm, our attorney is on your side. We can determine how best to proceed with the personal injury case.

Comprehensive Investigation Of Your Accident

We know firsthand how quickly insurance companies try to shuffle through car accident claims without the victim’s best interests in mind. We seek to overcome this challenge by investigating and presenting all available facts that prove fault. We also know how to handle uninsured driver situations.

When a fault isn’t immediately clear, attorney McNally acts quickly to evaluate the scene of the accident. He interviews any eyewitnesses and reviews police reports to understand the series of events leading up to the car accident. Mr. McNally seeks to preserve valuable evidence and takes photos of the property damage. When appropriate, he consults accident scene reconstructionists in complex auto accidents to confirm liability. Our law firm builds complete personal injury claims that are focused on proving fault. If more than one party is liable, we will pursue damages against everyone at fault.

Essential Photos To Take After An Accident

When you want to build the strongest case you can in your claim, having the right photos can be an invaluable asset. Taking photos at the scene of a car accident is crucial for documenting the event and supporting your personal injury claim. If you are able to safely move about the scene of the accident and you are not in any danger, here are key photos you should take:

  • Overall scene: taking wide shots of the accident that include the relevant vehicles, their positions in the accident, traffic signs and anything else that had an influence in the accident can help establish the events leading up to your crash.
  • Vehicle damage: establishing the severity of the impact in your crash is important, so be sure to take close-up photos of all damage to your vehicle and other vehicles involved from different angles.
  • License plates: you should take these photos immediately after your accident in case of a hit-and-run. These photos can help establish whose vehicle had what part in the crash.
  • Skid marks, the road and debris: it can be easy to overlook these parts of an accident, but the presence or absence of skid marks can be critical to proving if a driver attempted to stop before the accident, and showing the debris pattern can testify to how hard your vehicle was hit.
  • Traffic signs and signals: Capture nearby traffic signs, signals, or road markings that may have influenced the accident. If any of these signs were not clearly visible, malfunctioning, or otherwise not working, the local government may be liable for your injuries.
  • Injuries: The pictures of your fresh injuries provide the best evidence of the harm you suffered in ways that words can never match. In addition to confirming your injuries, these photos can also showcase the pain and suffering you experienced.
  • Weather and lighting conditions: Document the weather conditions and lighting at the time of the accident, as these factors can be relevant to the case.

The more photos you have of your accident, the more resources you have to hold the liable party accountable for their reckless or negligent actions that caused you to suffer your injuries.

Serious Injuries Deserve Maximum Compensation

At McNally Law Office, we want insurance adjusters to see you as a person, not as another claim number. Our firm’s personal injury lawyers will consult your medical doctor to understand the extent of your injuries, including:

We offer a detailed approach to help you obtain a full recovery of your losses. Our firm takes the time to explain how we go about determining how much compensation we should seek for your losses. We examine your medical bills, lost wages and property damage to ensure any compensation obtained covers these losses and makes you financially whole, as you did not cause the accident. Also, we evaluate your level of pain and suffering and how your injuries will impact your future. We then seek compensation for those current and future damages as well. Our firm will handle the legal details for you, so you can focus on healing and recovery from your injuries.

Our attorney also has the experience needed to seek maximum compensation for families that tragically lost loved ones in fatal accidents. These wrongful death cases can help you financially while you grieve your loss.

Schedule A Free Initial Consultation

If you have been injured in a car accident or lost a loved one from someone else’s negligent actions, contact McNally Law Office today by calling 626-389-8590 or sending an email. Our Pasadena law firm is committed to helping families throughout Southern California obtain justice.