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Holding Negligent Pasadena Property Owners Accountable

The term “slip and fall” describes the type of injury that occurs on someone else’s property, usually as a result of a defective surface, a slippery substance or other dangerous conditions. These injuries most commonly occur at restaurants, supermarkets and shopping malls. The fact that you become injured from a slip, trip or fall does not necessarily mean that someone else is legally responsible for your injury. That is why it is imperative to seek experienced guidance from a proven California premises liability lawyer.

For over 30 years, the McNally Law Office has handled complicated premises liability claims involving slip-and-fall accidents, swimming pool drownings and negligent security. We are a skilled legal team prepared to determine if the property owner is liable for not taking the right steps to prevent an accident from occurring. When the stakes are high, contact our personal injury firm. We are committed to preserving your legal rights.

Commercial Property Owners Have A Responsibility To Keep Their Customers Safe

In California, the owner or operator of a property or business has a legal duty to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition or at least warn the public of a dangerous condition that they cause. You may have a valid premises liability claim if the property owner fails to meet these conditions and you are injured as a result. We devote substantial resources to investigating factors leading to serious accidents, including injuries sustained on stairs, falls on sidewalks, elevator injuries, injuries sustained in stores, accidents in building corridors, injuries sustained outside on private or public land, slip-and-falls in resorts, and injuries sustained during recreational activities.

While the most common premises liability case is a slip-and-fall accident or a trip-and-fall accident, these injuries are by no means the only kind of premises negligence case that our firm handles. Premises liability lawsuits may also stem from any kind of unsafe or dangerous conditions on the premises, or defect in the construction of, or inadequate maintenance of the premises where an injury or accident occurs.

These types of cases include:

  • Defective or inadequate lighting
  • Lack of proper security leads to violent assaults
  • Failure to warn of hazardous conditions on the property
  • Improperly maintained equipment
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Other dangerous conditions on the premises

You may be surprised to learn that stairways are commonly among the most dangerous areas on many properties. Whether in a commercial building, apartment building or private residence, stairwells are too often poorly maintained, in disrepair or were never constructed properly, to begin with.

Stairways can be major trip-and-fall hazards when any of the following elements are present: uneven stair heights, lack of treading, loose carpeting, broken steps, missing or inadequate handrails, poor lighting, slippery surfaces and unpredictably placed landings. If you were injured in a stairwell and believe it was due to hazardous conditions, our attorneys want to hear your story. Regardless of the cause of your accident, our experienced legal team can help you pursue compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

A Proven Record Of Assault And Injury Representation

Assault in regard to California premises liability is a niche area of law that not all attorneys, and not even all personal injury attorneys, have knowledge, experience and skill in. At McNally Law Office, our team has an in-depth understanding of this area of law. We have the necessary skills and experience to help in these cases. If you or a loved one was injured due to an assault in a Los Angeles-area location, you may have legal recourse that you do not know about.

For example, hotels, motels and other hospitality venues must provide a safe and secure place for their customers to stay. So, if someone broke into your hotel or motel room because a door did not close or lock properly, you may have cause for a civil case. Additionally, if there was no front desk staff monitoring who was entering the building, or if there was an absence of security when it is reasonable to expect there would have been, you may have a certain type of premises liability case against the establishment’s insurance company.

Assaults often occur at public bus and train stations. Filing a claim against a public transportation entity, such as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, requires understanding the deadlines for filing and the legal system. We have been helping victims of public transportation accidents and injuries for over 30 years.

We represent clients injured in all types of assault, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Bar fights
  • Parking ramp assault
  • Hotel, motel, dormitory and other lodging
  • Armed robbery
  • Bus stop, train station assault

After an assault, you or your injured loved one may have had to go to the emergency room, see a surgeon or specialist or even have a hospital stay. Medical care is expensive, as is the loss of work hours and wages. As one of the limited number of firms that have experience in assault on premises cases, we can help you understand what type of compensation is likely given the circumstances, and what to do next.

You Deserve Compensation After A Dog Bite Or Animal Attack

Dog bites and animal attacks are unpredictable, and all too often result in serious personal injuries, emotional trauma and even death. At the McNally Law Office in Pasadena, California, we represent you and hold negligent pet owners accountable.

Because dogs are beloved pets, when someone suffers a serious bite, the first action might be to blame the victim and ask, “What did you do to provoke the dog?” In an overwhelming number of cases, the answer is “nothing.” California is a “strict liability state” for dog bites, so it does not matter whether the dog has bitten someone or acted aggressively before. All that matters is that the dog did bite. Anytime a person is bitten by a dog in a public place that they can lawfully be in or a private residence, the injured person may have cause to bring about a civil case.

Insurance can cover many instances of a dog bite.

  • If a dog is in a vehicle and bites, then the car owner’s car insurance will be liable.
  • If the dog was on a fenced property and got loose or bit or attacked someone through the fence, then the property owner’s homeowner’s insurance is liable.
  • In some cases, the dog owner may have pet insurance and in this case, that insurance company will be liable for any damages the dog causes.
  • If the dog owner has no insurance of any kind, then a civil suit will pursue damages from the dog owner.

An alarming fact that we have noticed at the McNally Law Office is that children under 12 suffer a majority of dog bites and dog attacks. As stated above, California has specific dog bite laws. Though an animal attack case may seem simple, the issues are complex and often involve questions of insurance coverage and a host of other legal concerns, including those involving premises liability. Pet owners who refuse to leash their dogs or keep them contained on their property through the use of fences and electronic means can be accountable for injuries that their dogs cause. While physical injuries can be minor or severe, the emotional trauma from an animal attack must be taken into account when determining the damage that has been done to that child or adult.

Know Your Legal Options After A Swimming Pool Accident

Southern California has one of the highest concentrations of backyard swimming pools and apartment complex pools in the nation. Unfortunately, that means plenty of opportunities for pool accidents and injuries to occur. California law requires property owners and managers to keep property reasonably safe for guests and visitors or to warn them of any dangers on the property. If they own a pool, this means they must protect pool visitors from many of the dangers of using a swimming pool.

Some of the regulations include:

  • Minimum fence height protecting the property
  • Clean and safe water
  • Supervision of other pool guests
  • Properly maintained diving boards and slides
  • Accurate water depth markings

If they fail in their duty and a guest or visitor is injured, that person may have a premises liability claim against the property owner. We represent people involved in swimming pool accident cases, such as wrongful death due to drowning, guest misconduct and assault injuries, diving board accidents, injuries from drains and cleaning equipment, unsafe chemical levels in the water, and injuries due to a slip-and-fall.

Victims are often reluctant to sue a friend or relative after an injury or drowning on their property. But what do you do if you don’t have any other option to recover financial damages for injuries? In most premises liability claims, the property owner’s homeowner’s insurance will be responsible for the settlement and the actual cost to your friend or relative may be minimal. If necessary, we also look for compensation from your own homeowner’s insurance policy. We handle swimming pool accident cases confidentially and discreetly.

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