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Disabled vehicle accident raises wrongful death questions

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The sudden death of a loved one can leave many things unsaid, goals unmet and questions unanswered. When the death occurs as the result of someone else’s negligent, reckless or intentional actions, even more questions may arise. Family members who are grieving the loss of a loved one following a preventable tragedy often look for answers and ways to cope with the unthinkable loss, which often includes holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions through a wrongful death claim.

Two families in California may be going through the heartache of loss following a recent accident on a freeway. A man and his family pulled to the side of the freeway when their vehicle got a flat tire, and they were being assisted by a tow truck operator. On the same highway, a 23-year-old man driving a tractor-trailer was traveling at about 55 mph when he swerved across two lanes and onto the shoulder of the road for unknown reasons. His rig collided with the tow truck and pushed it into the two men who were working on the disabled vehicle.

The collision sent all three vehicles off the roadway. The woman and children in the disabled car suffered minor injuries. However the tow truck operator and the driver of the disabled vehicle died at the scene. Police do not suspect drugs or alcohol, and reports do not indicate why the trucker may have left his lane. Investigators in such cases often examine whether the truck driver was distracted or drowsy behind the wheel, or if he experienced a malfunction in his vehicle.

Determining the cause of the accident is often important to family members who try to make sense of tragic events. It will also be critical in pinpointing whom to hold responsible for the wrongful death of their loved ones. A skilled California attorney will have access to resources to assist in seeking the answers to the many questions that remain.