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Compound fracture after a slip and fall

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Premises Liability |

Slipping and falling often happens unexpectedly, and it can be embarrassing. However, if can also be quite painful, especially if the fall results in a broken bone. Tripping on torn carpet or a broken sidewalk, a slip and fall on stairs or floors that are waxed or wet, or stumbling over items left in an aisle or walkway can result in serious injuries, including the possibility of a comminuted, or compound fracture. 

Unlike a normal bone break, a comminuted fracture involves three or more breaks in the bone. A forceful landing may result in an open break, which is when the bone breaks through the skin. When the bone breaks in several places without breaking the skin, it is a closed fracture. A fall victim with a comminuted fracture will likely need X-rays, MRI or CT scan to provide the California doctors with a plan of action for treating the injury. Most commonly, the treatment will include: 

  • Surgery to reset the bones and possibly use metal rods and pins to stabilize them while they heal 
  • A splint or cast to keep the limb as still as possible during the healing process 
  • Traction to stretch the tendons and muscles and keep the ends of the bone in position 
  • Medication to prevent infection and relieve the pain 
  • Physical therapy to regain strength and flexibility after the bone has healed 

One can imagine the pain and frustration of a long recovery from a compound fracture. Additionally, the victim may face weeks or months of lost wages and other expenses. It may be even more frustrating to deal with injuries from a slip and fall resulting from someone else’s negligence.