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2 people trapped in vehicle after collision

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2022 | Wrongful Death |

Shortly before noon on a recent Sunday in California, police and rescue workers were dispatched to the scene of an accident. There were two vehicles involved in the crash. Police later stated that it was a head-on collision, which, sadly, resulted in a fatality.  

Representatives from the California Highway Patrol stated that one of people involved in the head-on collision was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators also said that two victims were trapped inside of the one of the vehicles the immediate aftermath of the crash. The incident occurred at 50th Street East in Palmdale.  

Paramedics transported numerous accident victims to a hospital 

Rescuers reportedly assisted four people who were in need of hospital care following the collision. They were transported to a nearby medical facility. However, no updates have been provided regarding their conditions. It is not uncommon for brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or other severe trauma to occur from the blunt force impact of a head-on crash.  

When crash investigations reveal driver negligence 

Two motor vehicles should never be traveling head-on in the same lane. In many California accidents in the past, drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel or have been distracted or intoxicated while driving, moments before veering into another lane and colliding with one or more vehicles. When a head-on collision results in a fatality, grieving family members can seek justice on behalf of their loved one by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court. A plaintiff in a wrongful death case must provide evidence in court to prove that the defendant was negligent and that his or her negligence was a direct cause of the death that occurred.