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Man killed in California dog attack

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Wrongful Death |

Taking a daily stroll is a common practice of many Californians. The West Coast climate enables year-round outdoor activities. Problems can sometimes arise for pedestrians, however, especially if there is a reckless driver or aggressive dog in the area. Both situations can place a pedestrian in danger, as was evident in a recent incident when a man out for a walk suffered fatal injuries in a dog attack.

The 59-year-old was reportedly walking through a neighborhood when a pack of dogs escaped their owners’ property. The dogs started to maul the man, although another person did try to come to his aid. That person was also bitten by the dogs.

Selma police officers were dispatched to the scene

Police arrived at the scene to assist and later stated that they witnessed one person trying to separate the dogs from the man they were attacking. First aid was provided on-site to the seriously injured man, and he was transported to a local hospital. Sadly, he did not survive his injuries.

When a family loses a loved one because of another person’s negligence

In many California dog attacks, it is later determined that the negligence of the owner of a particular animal was a causal factor in the incident. In fact, California is a “strict liability” state when it comes to dog bites, making the pet’s owner financially responsible for most dog-bite injuries. It is also true that, in many fatal motor vehicle collisions, driver negligence is a key factor. When a family loses a loved one in an incident that may have been prevented were it not for another person’s negligence, justice may be sought by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court.