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ATVs recalled due to personal injury hazards

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Product Liability |

ATV enthusiasts in California and throughout the country may be unaware of a massive recall in effect for more than 3,500 vehicles. Yamaha is the vehicle manufacturer that issued a public warning, stating that those in possession of the listed vehicles should immediately cease using them. There are reportedly personal injury hazards involved — primarily, a concerning issue is that the vehicles in question are missing a warning label regarding maximum load capacity.

Many ATV owners use a hitch on their vehicles to tow or haul a load of some kind. If too much weight is added to an ATV, it can cause a collision, resulting in severe, even fatal, injuries to an operator or others who might be nearby at the time. The recall stated that the ATVs in question are not properly labeled, which might lead to someone hauling too much weight, placing the vehicle operator at risk for serious injury. The recall covers multiple units that were manufactured in 2021 and 2022.

Yamaha offered to attach warning labels for ATV owners

As part of the recall, Yamaha has stated that the company will attach proper weight capacity warning labels to the ATVs involved. The company also said that it would send warning labels to ATV owners, which they can attach to their vehicles themselves. In cases where a product is missing a label and a collision or injuries occur, a recovering victim may have grounds to file a products liability claim in a civil court.

Who is liable for injuries that consumers have suffered?

If a consumer suffers personal injury in the normal course of using a product, multiple entities may be held accountable. For instance, a manufacturer who has failed to add a warning label to its product may be responsible for damages that occur because of it. Distributors, sales merchants, advertisers and more, may be listed as defendants in a products liability claim. Before filing such a claim, it is best to consult with a California attorney who is experienced in this type of litigation.