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Was Tesla on autopilot just before fatal collision?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Wrongful Death |

Investigators from California as well as the federal government are analyzing evidence from a recent motor vehicle accident to determine whether the driver was, in fact, operating the vehicle when it crashed into a stopped fire truck on the roadway. The vehicle, a Tesla, offers various non-driver features, including autopilot and another option that is available by subscription known as ”full self-driving” mode. The investigation conerns a fatal collision.

The person in the driver’s seat of the Tesla died in the crash. Other occupants of the vehicle suffered critical injuries. Several firefighters were also transported to a nearby hospital. Their truck had been positioned at a standstill in the road to protect responders who were towing a vehicle away from a prior accident.

Did Tesla defects cause the fatal collision?

Investigators are trying to answer several questions in the aftermath of the fatal collision, including whether the person in the driver’s seat was in control of the vehicle when it crashed or whether it was in autopilot or using the full self-driving feature. Investigators also said that they had not yet determined if alcohol or drugs were factors in the tragic accident. Tesla claims that both driving features are driver-assistance tools and not driverless systems. The company says it cautions all motorists to keep both hands on the steering wheel and to remain alert and ready to take over the operation of their vehicle at any time.

Recovering car accident victims may seek compensation for damages

In California and all other states, those who suffer injuries in a collision caused by negligence may seek restitution in civil court. The estate of a deceased victim may be represented by an immediate family member. It is helpful to consult with a personal injury attorney before initiating litigation, as such cases are usually complex and sometimes difficult to prove in court. Relying on experienced legal representation is often the key to a favorable outcome.