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Did a dangerous toy injure your child?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Product Liability |

Over the years, parents in California and across the country have done their best to keep up with trends regarding popular toys available on the market. Giving toys as gifts is an especially common tradition for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. A parent should not have to worry that purchasing a toy is going to place a child in danger; yet defective products, insufficient labeling and other issues cause situations that result in injuries to children who were simply using their toys in a typical fashion. When this happens, a parent can file a products liability claim in civil court.  

In 2022, numerous toy products were determined to pose safety hazards to children who play with them. Some of the toys reportedly pose choking hazards, while others may cause blunt force trauma to a child’s eyes or face. When a manufacturer’s negligence results in children suffering injuries while playing with store-bought products, parents may seek justice on their children’s behalf.  

Has your child suffered injuries while playing with these toys? 

A list that was published in Nov. 2022 specified that these toys pose high danger risks to kids:  

  • Pop-n-Fidget Spinners 
  • Cocomelon Musical Learning Watch 
  • Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blasters 
  • Dingray Musical Bath Toy 

Children from toddlers to teens play with toys like these. Poorly designed and tested toys can cause tragedies, such as children being disfigured from burns or choking to death. Support is available for parents who are grieving the loss of a child, as well as those whose children have survived their toy-related injuries.  

What legal steps can a concerned parent take? 

If a child in California or elsewhere suffers injuries because of a dangerous toy, medical attention should be sought immediately. If the child’s parent or guardian believes a products liability claim may be, a meeting with an attorney who is experienced in this type of litigation may be helpful. The attorney can explain the process of filing a lawsuit and can provide support throughout the proceedings.