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Fatal collision brings California police to the scene

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Tragedy struck on Route 1 in Monterey County on a recent Sunday. A horrific collision on the scenic roadway occurred just before midnight, near the intersection with Route 183. Three vehicles were involved in the crash. Sadly, this was a fatal collision.

Investigators from the California Highway Patrol say one person was confirmed dead after the multi-vehicle crash. As responders worked to clear the area, traffic from one road had to be diverted to the other. Details were not provided as to the exact cause of the incident.

Intersections are often scenes of fatal collisions

Throughout the state, intersections consistently prove to be some of the most dangerous sections of roadways. If a driver fails to stop at a red light or stop sign, uses the wrong turn signal or fails to yield a right-of-way, that single moment of negligence or recklessness can cause a collision. Many accidents that take place at intersections involve fatalities.

California law allows anyone who survives injuries in a motor vehicle accident to file a personal injury claim in civil court when another party’s negligence was a causal factor. In cases like this one, where someone has suffered fatal injuries, an immediate family member may file a claim on the decedent’s behalf. Successful wrongful death claims typically end with the court awarding compensation for damages to the plaintiff, which can be used to pay for funeral expenses, medical bills and other documented losses associated with a fatal collision.