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California construction worker trapped for hours

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2023 | Construction Site Injury |

More than 40 firefighters and other rescuers joined efforts for more than five hours to free a 62-year-old worker who was trapped in a trench at a California beachside construction site. San Diego fire and rescue crews initiated the extrication at approximately 8 a.m. on a recent Wednesday. Upon arrival, they first confirmed that the trapped construction worker was conscious and alert.  

A concrete beam had reportedly collapsed on top of the man. He was surrounded by dirt and buried up to his waist. Rescuers later explained how challenging the extrication process was due to shifts in the soil every time they moved to free the worker. The fire and rescue teams used a vacuum, a rescue tripod and other tools to save the man.  

Worker given pain medication during the rescue  

To help ease the construction worker’s pain during the rescue effort, he was given medication intravenously throughout the process. A deputy chief from the San Diego Fire Department said he was happy that extensive training and proficiency had helped his crews achieve positive results. After hours of work, they were able to free the man and transport him to a local hospital for emergency care.  

It is not uncommon for a California construction worker to handle dangerous equipment on the job. The industry is known for having a high risk of injury. When an accident of this magnitude occurs, a recovering worker is often in need of legal support to process an injury claim. Not all situations have a happy ending like this one. Many construction site injuries prove fatal, in which case, a deceased worker’s family may benefit from experienced legal guidance regarding benefits that may be available to help them offset financial distress associated with their loved one’s death.