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Day Labor Injury Attorneys

Day laborers are hardworking people just looking for a day’s pay. If they are injured in an accident at work, they cannot recover workers’ compensation benefits. At the McNally Law Office - Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney in Pasadena, California, we represent day laborers who have been injured on a job site.

Contact our Southern California law firm for a free initial consultation with a Los Angeles day labor injury lawyer. We will fight for you if you are hurt while working on any project.

Pasadena Job Site Liability Lawyers Serving Pasadena And The Surrounding Areas

Day laborers will spend their early mornings looking for work, hoping to be hired for a project. Homeowners who hire day laborers have a duty to not put workers in harm’s way. For example, a low-hanging power line or any other dangerous condition could cause severe injury and even death.

That is where the personal injury lawyers at the McNally Law Office - Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney come in. We will communicate with the property owner’s insurance policy carriers to get you compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Helping You Recover No Matter What Job Experience You Had Prior to Your Injury

Day laborers are hired to do construction, landscaping and many other activities. Businesses that hire day laborers are not concerned about training, especially because completing the work quickly is usually important. This means that a day laborer may be forced into a job where he or she has little to no experience. In the end, the employer wants the job done fast and the day laborer wants to make money.

Accidents have occurred when a day laborer is hired to be a tree trimmer and lacks the background in that area. Churches are even guilty of hiring day laborers who they know are untrained for construction projects. Construction sites have been known to provide poor scaffolding that has collapsed and caused life-threatening injuries and death. Our attorneys will hold those individuals and businesses accountable.

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If you are a day laborer and have suffered a job injury, please contact the Pasadena job site liability attorneys at McNally Law Office - Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney today.