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Property Owners Have A Responsibility To Keep Their Customers Safe

If you are a customer of a parking ramp, retail store, bar or any other place of business, the property owner has a legal responsibility to offer a high level of security to prevent injuries from assault. If you were assaulted in a parking ramp or parking lot, or injured in a fight at a bar or food establishment, you have a right to seek full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Assault in regard to California premises liability is a niche area of law that not all attorneys, and not even all personal injury attorneys, have knowledge, experience and skill in. At McNally Law Office - Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney, our team has a profound understanding of this area of law. We have the necessary skill and experience to help in these cases.

A Proven Record Of Assault And Injury Representation

For over 25 years, our team has represented the rights of injured clients in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Attorney Frank McNally is an experienced personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyer with a history of obtaining fair settlements quickly.

Our firm works with independent experts in the insurance, security and medical industries to prepare a strong case for negotiations. In the event your assault injury claim has to go to trial, you have a seasoned professional on your side.

Establishing Negligence In Assault Injuries That Happen In Many Locations

If you or a loved one was injured while being assaulted in a Los Angeles-area location, you may have legal recourse that you do not know about.

For example, hotels, motels and other hospitality venues must provide a safe and secure place for their customers to stay. So, if someone broke into your hotel or motel room because a door did not close or lock properly, you may have cause for a civil case. Additionally, if there was no front desk staff monitoring who was entering the building, or if there was an absence of security when it is reasonable to expect there would have been, you may have a certain type of premises liability case against the establishment’s insurance company.

Assaults often occur at public bus and train stations. Filing a claim against a public transportation entity, such as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority requires understanding the deadlines for filing and the legal system. We have been helping victims of public transportation accidents and injuries for over 25 years.

No matter where you were assaulted – on public transportation, on a college campus, in a parking lot, in a restaurant or bar or retail shop – you may have good reason to speak with a member of our team to learn about your rights. We will listen to what happened and advise you of your options. Consultations of this type are always free at our firm.

Types Of Assaults We Represent

We represent clients injured in all types of assault, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Bar fights
  • Parking ramp assault
  • Hotel, motel, dormitory and other lodging
  • Armed robbery
  • Bus stop, train station assault

After an assault, you or your injured loved one may have had to go to the emergency room, see a surgeon or specialist or even had a hospital stay. Medical care is expensive, as is the loss of work hours and wages. As one of the limited number of firms that have experience in assault on premises cases, we can help you understand what type of compensation is likely given the circumstances, and what to do next.

We Offer Victims A Free Consultation. Se Habla Español.

Get in contact with us to arrange a free consultation with Mr. McNally today. We offer a free consultation to injury victims and handle all assault claims on contingency. Contingency means that you pay nothing upfront, ever. If we can’t help you obtain money damages for your claim, you will not pay attorney fees for our services. At McNally Law Office - Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney, we are passionate about protecting victims of assault. Call 626-389-8590 to speak to us today.