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Did You Suffer A Scaffolding Injury On A Construction Job?

Construction sites are among America’s most dangerous workplaces. Every day, workers put their jobs and lives on the line when they work high up on scaffolding, ladders and other elevating devices. Serious workplace injuries can happen when workers fall while trying to reach a work area.

If you have suffered a workplace injury from a fall because of an unsafe scaffold, ladder, cherry picker or any other lift device on a construction site, get legal help right away. The personal injury team at McNally Law Office - Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney will fight for full and fair money damages for your lost wages, pain and medical bills. We practice only personal injury law, and we know how to recover for you.

Investigating The Cause Of Your Construction Accident

Attorney Frank McNally leads our personal injury litigation team with over 25 years of experience. We file insurance claims and lawsuits against third parties responsible for construction site accidents. We know how to investigate third-party liability for construction site accidents, including:

  • Scaffold subcontractor liability
  • Scaffolding falls
  • Defective scaffold and ladder equipment
  • Employee negligence, lack of supervision
  • Inadequate ground preparation, property owner premises liability

If you need help filing your workers’ comp claim, we will refer you to the right law firm.

Every year, electronic cranes and lift buckets, often called cherry pickers, are responsible for many injuries and deaths on construction sites. We also represent workers injured in wall and roof collapses and by falling objects. If you were injured by a lift bucket, crane or a collapse, we will seek out every party that shares fault and aggressively fight for compensation on your behalf. We regularly advise clients on Pasadena scaffolding accidents and can help you understand your rights to compensation.

When Employers Are Responsible For An Accident

Construction companies are responsible for creating a safe and secure work environment for their employees and those who are working on the job site. This means the owners, managers and foremen need to comply with state and federal safety standards.

Proper, well-maintained equipment should be provided. All hazards that can be prevented – such as falls or electrical shocks – should be. Those in charge of the site need to maintain a log of the safety steps taken and of any injuries that have happened on the site to workers. In some cases, companies have tried to cut corners in order to speed up the process or save on cost. When they cut out safety measures or use substandard equipment and a worker gets hurt, the owners need to be held accountable.

We File Injury Claims For Day Laborers • Se Habla Español

Don’t be afraid to come forward with information about your scaffolding injury or wrongful death claim. If you are a day laborer who has suffered a scaffolding injury or serious fall on a construction site, you are eligible to file an insurance claim for financial and medical damages. Even if you are not working in the United States legally, we can help you recover full and fair money damages in a claim against the insurance company.

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Contact us today if you or your loved one was the victim of a construction accident. Our California construction accident attorneys represent injured construction workers in Glendale and throughout Los Angeles and Southern California from our office in Pasadena. Call us at 626-389-8590 or send an email. Our law firm offers free consultations, and there are no lawyer fees unless we secure compensation for you.