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Were You Injured In A Train Accident In Los Angeles, Pasadena Or Glendale?

The Los Angeles area is one of the West Coast’s most important rail hubs for passenger and freight trains. Railroad crossing accidents and other accidents happen frequently in Southern California. Get experienced legal help to protect your rights and fight for full money damages for your losses if you or a loved one was injured on an active or abandoned railway line. We can also help if you were assaulted while riding a Los Angeles area train.

Understanding California Railway Accidents And Lawsuits

If you were a passenger who was injured while riding any type of train in the Los Angeles area, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who handles these claims.

The laws regarding rail lines are different than those affecting car, motorcycle and truck accidents. If you were on a train and there was a collision, derailment or another accident and you got hurt, you have rights. When our clients are injured in these accidents, we thoroughly investigate and determine negligence and liability. We can then assess your injuries, how to proceed and what your case might be “worth” in terms of damages. We represent several types of train and railway accidents, including those detailed below.

Accidents At Unguarded Railroad Crossings

Railroads are under strict regulations to place guard gates and warning signs at road crossings. Many railroad crossings remain unprotected and cars are often unaware of trains speeding toward them. If you were injured or have lost a loved one in a railroad crossing accident because of signal failure, your attorney will need experience settling substantial cases against the largest insurance companies in America. Attorney Frank McNally has a proud history of substantial settlements and jury verdicts.

Passenger Injuries In Glendale And Pasadena

Many train collisions at railroad crossings happen when a driver becomes impatient and tries to beat the train through the intersection. These types of accidents are nearly always determined to be the fault of the negligent car driver. If you were the passenger in the car, however, you are entitled to seek damages against the driver.

We represent those injured on both active and abandoned lines. We understand how to proceed with cases involving SCRA, BNSF, DODX, Union Pacific (UP), Santa Maria, SJVR, SERA and other railway programs, systems and franchises.

We Offer A Free Consultation For Those Hurt On A Railway Or While A Passenger On A Train. Se Habla Español.

The McNally Law Office - Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney is recognized as one of the region’s most effective personal injury and wrongful death law firms. We handle everything about your railroad crossing and train accident claims, including property damage and injury claims. Get in touch with us after a railroad crossing accident, and we will advise you of your rights. We will protect you and act as a buffer between you and the attorneys who work for the railway. Call 626-389-8590 or send us an email indicating you’d like to talk or meet.