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Los Angeles Dog Bite And Animal Attacks Lawyer

Dog bites and animal attacks are unpredictable, and all too often result in serious personal injuries, emotional trauma and even death. At the McNally Law Office in Pasadena, California, we represent you and hold negligent pet owners accountable.

Contact a dog bite and animal attack attorney at our Southern California law firm to discuss your case. We are driven to achieve the goals of our clients while making our community a safer place to be.

An Animal Attack Attorney Serving The Pasadena Area

An alarming fact that we have noticed at the McNally Law Office is that children under 12 suffer a majority of the dog bites and dog attacks. Many states, including California, have specific laws regarding dog bites. Though an animal attack case may seem simple, the issues are complex and often involve questions of insurance coverage and a host of other legal concerns, including those involving premises liability.

Pet owners who refuse to leash their dogs or keep them contained on their property through the use of fences and electronic means can be accountable for injuries that their dogs cause. While physical injuries can be minor or severe, the emotional trauma from an animal attack must be taken into account when determining the damage that has been done to that child or adult.

Contact Our Pasadena And Los Angeles Dog Bite Law Firm

If you or a family member has been the victim of a dog or animal attack, the lawyers at the McNally Law Office will be able to answer all your legal questions regarding California dog bite laws. Please contact our Southern California firm today.